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The blue hedgehog is back


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Sonic Fan Remix is a remake of the first Sonic you could play on your Megadrive. Now, a fan of the mythical hedgehog has decided to bring it back to your PC.

The game will be totally free, althogh nowadays the game only offer 3 levels as demo version.

Graphics are really good and playability is as usual, it's abit slower than the original games, but once you are playing, you feel that Sonic power engaging you to the keyboard or gamepad.

Sonic Fan Remix is a valuable game for any Sonic fan out there and even for those who have heard of it and want to control the famous blue hedgehog.

You'll find lots and lots of items in the scene. On the one one hand it is good to have so many items because you can check how good graphics are and you enjoy a brilliant scene, but on the ther hand, when you are running at top speed you can get distracted.

Sonic Fan Remix can be the good game that millions of fans have been waiting for years.

It includes only three levels.

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